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Product News

  • Tatfook will soon launch a Manufacturing  as a Service (MaaS) platform;
  • Tatfook Network Paracraft/NPL CAD project comes into primary and secondary school classrooms;
  • Tatfook and ACM held the PAC National Animation Competition;
  • 2016 Tatfook Internet open source NPL language 2 million lines of codes and a large number of technical documents;

Industry Information

Application scenario

5G and loT Technology

Tatfook is a leading global provider of RF filters and solutions for 4G networks and prepared for new products and services for 5G and loT enabled technologies.

5G and loT Technology

Tatfook strives to keep its status as a leading global mobile communications equipment supplier in the age of 5G


Tatfook A&E group is redefining core technologies in the field of new energy vehicles: wheel hub motors, control systems, batteries, etc.


Tatfook A&E group aims to become a leading sharing manufacturing service provider in the age of industrial Internet


Through software technology innovation, TATFOOK strives to enable children and young adults to master computer programming skills, get more parents and children to grasp basic industrial and scientific knowledge, in order to gradually realize the dream of building a strong industrial power


Tatfook PT Group’s technology continues to improve personal terminal medical equipment, revitalize traditional Chinese medicine and traditional culture, in order to make its people healthier


Tatfook A&E group is dedicated to develp technologies to improve personal medical care devices, revitalize traditional Chinese medicind and traditional Chinese culture for human health.


Tatfook A&E group has long been committed to low-cost, sustainable personal medical equipment and Chinese medicine health services.


Tatfook A&E group will speed up the optimization and construction of the Group’s new cultural industry with the help of entity industry resources, project resources and talents advantage.


Tatfook A&E group is dedicated to create an original intelligent animation space, an intelligent IP operation center and a cultural exchange center to realize independent research and development through the whole chain from content to output.

Product catalog

Communication products

Filters Duplexers Amplifiers Low noise amplifiers Network optimization system devices Communication metal structures RFID- related products Consumer electronics: Type-C (Male, Housing) Nano injection molding hardware, Plastic molds



Motors and drives


Software and education

coming soon

Sharing manufacturing platform 5G micro base station solution

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